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COBCOE. The Council of British Chambers of Commerce in Europe


The ABC is a member of COBCOE, the central federation of 40 bilateral chambers in 37 countries across Europe. With its headquarters in London, COBCOE provides a network and mutual support for member chambers and, indirectly, their companies interested in developing trade and business with the United Kingdom.

Over the years, COBCOE has built up close contacts with UK Trade & Investment, signing a new Memorandum of Understanding, which provides a framework for the way chambers work together with Embassies across Europe. In addition, COBCOE has ever closer ties with some 50 chambers of commerce at the local level in Britain.

COBCOE has also been active at the European level where its Public Affairs Committee helps member chambers and their companies make contact with the appropriate person in the EU institutions. Each Chamber may appoint a representative to the committee.

Outside Europe, COBCOE is a founder member of the British Business Worldwide alliance, which gives members access and introductions to another 20 sister chambers in other parts of the world.

COBCOE issues an official business orientated magazine, Links, which has a circulation of 15,000 in e-copy and 6,000 in hard copy.

Member companies of the ABC are increasingly using the contacts provided by what has been a rapid expansion of the COBCOE network.