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Business Breakfast: The main service is a Business Breakfast held every month at different venues in Vienna. Each event includes a talk, in English, by a professional guest speaker from member or non-member companies and organisations in the manufacturing or service industries on topics which help to promote a better understanding of all aspects of industrial and commercial management. At every event speakers will be given every opportunity to promote their products and services.

A fascinating range of topics have been covered in recent years including marketing, cultural management, mergers and acquisitions, human relations, IT, legal problems, finance, insurance and project management.

The business breakfast usually takes 1½ hours from 08.30 – 10.00 a.m. Between 25 and 35 members take part. The ABC chooses the venue and covers all expenses for the breakfast, the venue and any technicians that are needed. Experience has shown that the events provide ample opportunities for British and Austrian businessmen and women and young graduates to meet on a regular basis.

Evening presentations: Manufacturing companies and service providers may arrange for presentations of their activities at their own premises. These can take place in the afternoon or evening, accompanied by light refreshments. Examples include an afternoon visit to the headquarters of a manufacturer in the electronics field just outside Vienna and a presentation of a new branch or shop in Vienna in the evening. Both types of events have in the past been well attended.