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cooperation with other organisations

ABC – close links to the British Embassy: The ABC works closely with the British Embassy in Vienna, which appoints an observer from the Embassy’s Commercial Department to the ABC Board. This cooperation is a vital information source on both British government policy, future Embassy action, and can provide introductions to visiting British officials and industrialists. A number of our meetings are held in the British Embassy, including the Annual General Meeting in June.

ABC- close cooperation with the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber: The ABC also cooperates with the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber (WKO) in Vienna. Most of the ABC’s business breakfasts are held at one of the WKO’s buildings. ABC is able to benefit from the WKO’s incomparable knowledge both of the Austrian government structure and working practice and other Trade Associations of the WKO representing Crafts and Trades, Industry, Commerce, Banking and Insurance, Transport and Communications, Tourism and Leisure, Information and Consulting.

ABC – a member of the Council of British Chambers of Commerce in Europe (COBCOE): Members of the ABC are in a position to exploit additional networking benefits from COBCOE’s membership of British Business Worldwide and its good working relationship with the British Chamber of Commerce.

Members also obtain special benefits and services with hotels and other suppliers through ABC’s membership of COBCOE.